Anti-Drug Campaign 

As we have witnessed over the past few decades, Drugs in Punjab are being seen as a personal problem and not a social epidemic.


Professor R. Sandhu of Guru Nanak Dev University says, "An entire generation was lost to insurgency, we will lose another to drugs". 


Every week at least one death occurs because of drug overdose.

The families call it suicide as they feel ashamed,' Dr Mann reveals.


Faced with the prospect of its youth crippled by addiction, in April the Punjab government announced a grant of `25 crore to fight the menace.

Government issue Rs 25 Crore. Do you understand how that clarifies that the Government has no intention to stop the inflow of Drugs. Much more than this amount is spent on building religious places which actually have nothing to do with India or development of Indians. 

And till such time that the state and its people decide to wait and watch, the land of plenty will continue to reap this bitter harvest.

We cannot just stand and wait. We have to act. We are much past expecting help from the Government of any other Political Party that include BJP, Congress, AAP, Akalis, PPP etc. Not a single one has tried to curb this inflow of drugs nor have they even talked about ut properly. 

If you want to save the current generation, we will have to take the lead. We even got some vehicles carrying drugs but we soon found out that it was not a long term solutions. The confiscated drugs would either reach back to the suppliers or there weight was wrongly reported and Police Officials themselves sold away those drugs. 

We have moved on to the next stage where we have also identified several suppliers and their sources. We planning to hit when they have no way out left. 

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You can also join us as a volunteer. Your little contribution might help in saving Punjab. 

Beware of Frauds. We do not accept any donations. Anyone asking any kind of physical or digital payments on our behalf is a fraud.